Träshique D'Lamour

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow
Co Owner/Head Administrix
Lexington, Kentucky
Träshique is the Co Owner and Head Administrix of Lexington, Kentucky's very own miniature circus, Tinderbox Circus Sideshow. And as of January 2014, she is the Owner/Booking Agent/Director of Kentucky's best-reviewed and longest-running burlesque and sideshow collaboration, Firewater Cabaret.

She has been on stage her entire life, and has a wide array of talents she's gathered over the years including musical ability, stage presence, and general dance performance including : lindy hop, swing, bellydance, modern, hip hop, and interpretive. In 2010, she attended her first variety show put on by the band Ford Theatre Reunion of Lexington, Kentucky. The show included performances by Deadly Sins Burlesque, the beginnings of Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, and multiple variety acts from around the area and immediately after, she knew she wanted to be a part of these amazing groups. She became full members of both Deadly Sins and Tinderbox at the end of 2010 and has aided in shaping and creating the calamity that became what they are today. She strives to revive the lost art of the American circus' side tents incorporating traditional costumery of the rag tag era, reinventing and creating "working acts" of the sideshow, and polishing the original art of "burlesquing" in as many forms as possible.

She has had the honor of sharing the stage with the southern beauties Kisa von Teasa, Siren Santina, Delinda D'Rabbit, Nipsy Tussle, Hot Damn, as well as an array of other amazing and talented burlesquers. She has also shared the stage with world record wielding Pickled Brothers Sideshow, and a plethora of sideshows on the Eastern coast.
She performed at the 7th Annual Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival, the 4th Annual Carolina Burlesque Festival, Heavy Rebel Weekender's "Wiggle Room" 2013, and the 2nd Annual Bluegrass BurlExpo.
She has also performed with entertainment veteran Voltaire and international headliners The Dresden Dolls and Beats Antique and continues to work with Ford Theatre Reunion and multiple musical performance artists on the East coast as well as a variety of performers from everywhere including magicians, fire performers, sideshows, belly dancers and multiple other performance troupes. She has appeared on the national television show "America's Got Talent" with Tinderbox Circus Sideshow.

Träshique has aided in booking many local events to benefit the performing arts and works alongside creative directors to propel the arts in every direction possible. She has a love for small businesses, including her own, and does as much as she can to produce excellent quality shows wherever they may go. Being the variety performer she is, she's constantly honing her skills and prepping her troupes for bigger and better acts. Together with Captain Darron, they are planning third tour for 2014.

She specializes in vaudeville performance including bawdy songs, singing, skits, and routines and classic bump 'n' grind. She also a has a very nice "creep" factor and has been told her facial expressions are the bomb diggity. Her "working acts" include bed of nails, Miss Lifto, human dartboard, mental floss, juggling, poi, weight share, glass walking, fire eating & breathing, and many others.